Essence Crystal Eyeliners

In the battlefield of makeup there are people who take sides. There are the high-end gals, and the drugstore gals. But, as in every war, there are a few low-life, protect-your-own-ass kinda people that play the field. I am that gal…

And thank God for that! Because you see, unlike in real war, I am not betraying my people. In the struggle of building your makeup collection there’s no room for being either a high-end snob, or a drugstore hardcore fan that doesn’t even look at more expensive items.

The truth is, the two sides have both exceptionally good and horrendously bad products among their range. And the smartest thing you can do, is collect the best out of both worlds. One of the best of the very lower end of the spectrum, is the one I am presenting today. The new Essence Crystal Eyeliners in the shades “Blue Heaven” and “Rosy Rush”.

Essence Crystal Liners Rosy Rush (Top), Blue Heaven (Bottom)

First saw a sneaky post of those on Instagram, forgot about them and went on with my business. Then, I found myself at the local beauty supply store (Hondos Center, for those who know what’s up). And lo and behold, there they were staring right back at me with their cute little under than $3 pricetag. How could any makeup junkie pass them up???

Essence has had glitter liners in her range all along, but this year in the holographic paranoia that has been going on, the 2 new additions to her sparkly eyeliner team take the cake. Firstly, because…well,they’re holographic and secondly because unlike the rest of the brand’s glitter liners they are not at all chunky and cheap looking.

Playing around with them and trying to capture their beauty on camera, I realized that they will always look better in person than they do in pictures. But I kept playing and kept trying and then I had a major epiphany. “Why not layer it over another eyeliner?” Aha!

L-R: Rosy Rush(alone/over black), Blue Heaven (alone/over black)
L-R: Rosy Rush(alone/over black), Blue Heaven (alone/over black)

I still cannot believe how beautiful they are! The only 2 cons I found with those is that the brush tip is a bit flimsy and that they take a couple of minutes to fully dry. Other than that they are excellent!!!

What do you think? Will you be getting them?

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