Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Review

Trying to build your kit as a professional makeup artist can be really tricky and stressful. You think and you try out stuff all the time to find the elite of makeup products to satisfy your clients, whilst bargaining the best value for money and the best space-savers so that you don’t have to end up like a mule, or a nomad to put it in a less offensive way.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of makeup knows how important foundation is. And as a perfectionist, I only want the best. So, I was more than ready to give up the big dough so that can get my hands on the Bobbi Brown BBU Palette to impress the people that trusted me with their face, and ensure the best of quality.

For those who are not informed, the BBU is an online exclusive face palette that includes 20 shades of the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, 14 shades of her Creamy Concealer and 13 shades of her Correctors. More info on that glorious beast here

Long story short, that’s why I ended up buying the Stick Foundation in the shade “2-Sand” to try out before the big purchase.


And I am glad I did…Because I have saved myself £190.00.

Let me elaborate. The first thing that was a bit frustrating to begin with, is the fact that coverage wise, this foundation is pretty poor. Especially since it is a stick. Which brings me to my second complaint.

Even though the foundation is buildable, you have to use a lot (and I mean A LOT) of it to get it to a medium coverage. God forbid you were trying to get to full… So strike two. You get 9g of product in each stick, costing you £29.00 a pop, and that ain’t gonna get you very far. I spotted the noticeable decrease of the amount after the second time of application. And if you know me, you know I have really clear skin. So not much to hide there.

The positive aspect of the matter is, the finish of the foundation. It actually looks like skin, with no exaggeration. It is silky, blends in wonderfully and you look like 1 million bucks…for an hour. I do not have particularly oily skin, and I do not have dry skin. I do have some tiny dry spots here and there, from messing with the occasional black head and using a salicylic acid toner, but that’s more or less it.

This foundation not only accentuated those dry spots, it had the NERVE, THE AUDACITY of making me look like an oil slick mid-day. What? What was that about?! But wait…THERE’S MORE!

Upon seeing the glare on my forehead, I decided to look  more closely into the mirror to blot and surprise surprise!
What do we have here? The foundation had “cracked” around my nose and mouth. Really? REALLY???

I apply my foundation around 9 am, set it with powder as usual, use my Skindinavia Setting Spray to finish everything off and this stick has the balls to settle on me less than 4 hours later?!

So let me get this straight…I cannot use this on gals with dry skin cause the dry skin will show.
I cannot use it on oily skin gals, because…frying pan.
I cannot use it on normal skin gals because…well,not frying pan, but definitely salad.
I cannot use it on problematic skin gals because the coverage is less than what an average Greek person has in his/her wallet (yeah, I’m Greek and I find self-sarcasm hilarious).

Who the hell can I use this on then?!
Big no-no. Thank God I didn’t splurge on the palette…

Any thoughts?


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