GlamGlow Supermud Mask Review

The hype is strong with some products. So strong that social media, youtubers, bloggers, vloggers etc manage to create a vortex that sucks us puny humans in, resulting in empty wallets or maxed out credit cards.

The question of the day is… was it all worth it?

The product in focus this time is the ever so famous GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment.


What we have here is a luxury item. We’re talking about a clarifying mask for problematic skin that helps de-clog and minimize pores, rejuvenate skin, restore damaged skin and improve skin texture thanks to a proprietary 6 acid blend. Relying on AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) and an abundance of other ingredients, GlamGlow promises “seemingly poreless skin”.

Ingredient List

Taking a good look at the ingredient list, we recognize the usual suspects that appear on acne treatments, such as salicylic and glycolic acid. Ok, so far so good. Although a sceptic would go “what??? all those chemicals are bad for you! you should only put natural things on your face!” or “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face!”, my answer to them is SHHH, go read a book or go put the alphabet in the freezer to chill the F- out.


The mask comes in a heavy-duty and hefty jar that feels and looks really expensive and fancy. Ego boost, check.
You are worth of some luxury and pampering, good for you! You work hard, you saved the money ($60, how long did that take to save…? ). The packaging is so well designed and pretty. I’m gonna save it…

Now let’s talk about the mask itself.


If you are familiar with clay masks in general, the consistency of the Supermud is not too different. It just feels a bit more gel like than the rest, as well as more cooling to the touch (most likely due to the Peppermint extract).

The instructions clearly state that this fine product can either be used as a full-face mask or a spot treatment, depending on your needs. Before making this post, I made sure to do both over the course of one month to give you a more in-depth review of the product. I am your guinea pig after all…

For blogger purposes…this is my nose. In all its greatness. ~WARNING~ Explicit Content!

I know…Sexy AF! This mask gives you the gratitude of seeing each and every single one of your pores…accentuated.
Isn’t that just lovely? I should mention that this is about 5-8 minutes in, post-application, so the mask has had the chance to dry almost completely.
The treatment will give a burning sensation the first couple of minutes (“yay, it’s working!” or “no pain, no gain!”) and it will start feeling tight after 3 or 4 min. If you apply it all over, you’re in for some facelift feeling action…Good luck with that.

You are supposed to keep it on for up to 20 minutes. And then rinse. So I did. And now it’s the time to be blatantly honest.

Even though the oiliness was totally gone, I didn’t notice anything else. Pores still there, still clogged. Not tightened, not less irritated skin. And I do not know, if I did something wrong, which I doubt because I always go by the book, or this product is full of hot air… Furthermore, I should also mention that as an all-over mask, it dried the hell out of my skin. Good times…

I gave it a one month window, I used it again and again. And all I have to say is… it’s nothing special. Just another clay mask, I guess.

Let me know your thoughts about GlamGlow Supermud. Did it work for you?

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