Alright alright, long time no see. But I came back more ready than ever. *evil laugh*
2019 is going to be awesome. I have great plans for my blog which will be set on fire (it’s gonna be lit) aaaand some other stuff *wink wink*

Let’s start this new era with a negativity purge so we can get some things straight and move on happily and freely. There are things I’m all for, and things that I can’t even bother with. This post is about the things I am actively, consciously and subconsciously boycotting and the reasoning behind it.

*DISCLAIMER* : This post only presents my own personal feelings towards certain brands. In no way shape or form am I suggesting you should feel the same. It’s just an explanation behind the fact that they don’t (or won’t) appear on this page (anymore). This is not to bash anybody, don’t send hate to brands or individuals, it’s not my thang…


1. Kat von D

This was so predictable. Most of you know why. It’s not about the makeup, it’s about the person. Which is sad, really. And in Kat’s case, dangerous as well. We live in the era of information accessible to most of the earth’s population. You have a portable encyclopedia in your hand and with a tiny *boop* you have all the data you need about a subject. This isn’t about ignorance, although ignorance really grinds my gears, it’s about the severity of the matter and the repercussions attached to it. If you also believe that vaccination is more of a choice and not an obligation to both your child and society please gtfo my website and go educate yourself on the matter before you kill us all with your 2-digit IQ. #bye

2. Jeffree Star

*sigh* This pains me, because I really like the products. I own 1 Velour Liquid Lipstick, which was a gift from my good friend Danielle (hi, Dani!)
and THAT’S IT. I haven’t bought anything else, even though I like many many products he has launched. I just cannot be part of all the drama, the hate, the attention whoring on Twitter, YouTube, IG. I just can’t. He has enough money as it is, he doesn’t need mine. Plus, there’s a shitstorm going on with the latest Mystery Boxes and the new brush collab with …. (wait for it….)

3. Morphe

Y’all be losing your sh*t over Morphe like they invented the wheel. Relax. It’s just another Coastal Scents / BH Cosmetics type brand that happened to know how to take advantage of social media influencers to promote their product with the least amount spent on advertising. Bottom line is, blatant private labelling is not my jam, and even if it was, I’d rather get that same freaking palette you just paid $39 plus tax for from AliExpress for 10. (same goes for Jeffree’s brushes) #sorrynotsorry

3. Chanel

I bet you all went “huh? what did Chanel ever do to you?!” . The company? Nothing. The “icon” behind the name? A lot. If you know Coco just for the revolutionary fashion designs, you need to read a bit more about ‘her’ and judge for yourself if you’re ok with the ”beliefs” and life choices of Ms Chanel. *Spoiler Alert* Leeching off of men and…Nazis. #noma’m

4. Huda Beauty

This is purely out of confusion. My little brain cannot understand why her products are so ridiculously overpriced. How do you charge $70 for a cardboard palette of meh shadows with your face on it? What’s happening here? I bought one of the little 9-pan palettes and I swore never again. The quality is definitely not equivalent to the hefty price tag. ALSO, I want the focus to shift off of people that all look the same and promote this aesthetic to impressionable young girls through social media. Yeah, no problem with plastic surgery, have at it if your life is ruined by your non-existent breasts or your father’s crooked nose you had the joy of inheriting but good god, buying lips has become more common than buying jeans lately. Which brings me to…

5. Kylie Cosmetics (and all her extended family)

Obviously. No. What’s really funny is that Forbes had her on their cover as a “self made billionaire”. Ok. *chuckle*
Hi, Ray J. #dominoeffect
P.S. Becca, we don’t care about Khloe and Malika, we really don’t. Slapping their name on a palette that I actually really like, only makes me NOT buy it. #next

6. ANYTHING with the name “James Charles”, “Laura Lee”, “Manny Mua” e.t.c on it.

I’ve said it before and imma say it again. STOP SUPPORTING PROBLEMATIC INFLUENCERS. This “squad” has been repeatedly caught lying and manipulating their subs for money or (worse) attention that I’m actually too tired to talk about it.

7. Lime Crime

Ah, an oldie but a goodie. Scams, repackaged makeup, security breaches, AND NAZIS. *these are a few of my favorite things* #not

Honorable mentions : I am not gonna be getting any NYX or Smashbox products. I used to work for both companies and I have given both of them enough of my time as it is.

Pheeewww! That was quite a lot, huh? Really helps bring down the makeup budget, though.
Leave a comment down below with what you refuse to get and why. I’m dying to add more to the list!